Quality Control & Assurance Services

Due to the specialist nature of the projects undertaken by DPA and the necessity to meet deadlines and deliver projects in accordance with design requirements, DPA is in a position to provide a Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Auditing function as additional services.

Quality Control

Quality Control essentially includes the activities and techniques employed to achieve and maintain the quality of a product, process and service. It includes a monitoring activity, but is also concerned with finding and eliminating causes of quality problems on an ongoing basis. The mere act of an inspection is not quality control and is considered to form quality monitoring.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance entails the prevention of quality problems through planned and systematic activities (including support information and documentation).

On numerous projects DPA have been involved in the establishment of quality management systems, assessment of the systems adequacy in relation to project requirements, auditing of the operation of the system and ongoing reviews of the system itself.

The process of formulating a quality plan includes the selection of suitable materials, development of procedures and methods, the consolidation of information including the specification, checking the skills and knowledge of contractors and providing training to staff and contractors, assessment of plants / equipment and efficiency and capability of meeting the project requirements.

DPA employ a Total Quality Management approach to projects involving everyone in the organisation in quality improvement in a systematic and planned manner. Widespread attention is given to education and training activities which are focused on employees and contractors. This is assessed by their contribution to the quality process. DPA have successfully designed and developed various quality plans in the fields of:

  • Waterproofing of structures
  • Rehabilitation of concrete structures
  • Corrosion and coatings
  • Building refurbishment

The plan outlines the quality system procedures and is specific to each activity. The project quality plan usually defines the following:

  • Specific Procedures, methods and specifications to be applied throughout the project.
  • Appropriate inspection, testing, checking or audit programmes required at various defined stages.
  • Specific allocation of responsibilities and authority during different stages of the project.
  • Methods of change or modification in the QC plan as the project proceeds, including reviewing and auditing the QC plan (continually comparing the Quality system with the project requirements to ensure practical implementation and appropriateness).
  • Reference to relevant supporting documentation / information.
  • Systems in place for the control of documents, quality records, and non-conformities to enable the preparation of a comprehensive quality manual on completion of the project
Project Quality Plan and Implementation of Waterproofing of a Water Retaining Tower Single Buoy Mooring Anti Corrosive Remedial Design and Monitoring of Quality Control Procedures Roof and Parking Deck Waterproofing Design and Monitoring Design and Implementation of Project Quality Plan for the Remedial Waterproofing Roof Waterproofing Design and Implementation of Quality Assurance System