specialised equipment

Since DPA's inception, the procurement and development of specialised equipment has been paramount. The forensic nature of investigations and design optimisation requiring in-depth data analysis demands that state of the art equipment and computer software be utilised. DPA uses a wide range of equipment, most of which has been developed specifically to DPA's requirements.

...specialised equipment has been paramount

Data logging capabilities enable the capture of thousands of data units that are processed through DPA's advanced software systems, resulting in in-depth statistical analyses and computer modeling. As a result, investigations and assessments can be refined to high levels of accuracy, positively influencing remedial decisions and associated budgets.


Proactive Approach to Training

DPA maintains a proactive approach to training with routine training courses structured into the company's policy. Staff regularly spend time with material suppliers, both locally and internationally, where they are able to study existing and new products, chemical formulations and advanced technological testing. DPA has been involved in many national and world firsts in systems applications and all technological development is contributed to by existing staff.

Close working relationships within DPA enables the provision of design optimisation and development within strict secrecy provisions. DPA's staff are proud of the Company's achievements and take special interest in personnel development, adding to the growth of the company as a whole. This commitment enables DPA to consistently meet its goals and as a result, a number of technically superior proprietary systems have been developed in DPA's various fields of operation.