Contract Documentation & Management

Tender Documentation

DPA's holistic approach to projects includes significant attention to detail in the relevant contract documentation and associated management techniques. In most projects, the formalisation and compilation of requisite contract documentation falls within our brief and in addition, our quantity surveying department is frequently called upon to assist in other projects where the formalisation of such documentation goes hand in hand with quality surveillance and auditing services. The successful management of a project is intimately related to the standard and quality of contract documentation, including the conditions of contract.

Frequently, DPA are called upon to provide a comprehensive Turnkey engineering and project management service. This provides the client with many advantages, including financial efficiencies created as a result of our engineer's and quantity surveyor's in-depth knowledge and understanding of specialist materials and applications.

DPA Embraces Total Quality Management

DPA embraces the philosophy of Total Quality Management (TQM) in the implementation of all project stages.

The company's management structure is focused on continuous improvement in all facets of project management and continuously undertakes reviews of existing methodologies and systems in line with ISO Standard Quality Procedures.

Our contract documentation management services include

  • Regular submission of planning and financial reports.
  • Advice with respect to surveys, analyses, testing and further site investigations which may be required.
  • The preparation of all plans, drawings, estimates, specifications and engineering schedules of quantities.
  • Consultation on technical matters with relevant parties.
  • The preparation of all procurement documents necessary to enable tenders for the works to be called for including invitations to tender, tender conditions, forms of tender and conditions of contract.
  • Upon receipt of tenders, a formal tender adjudication process is implemented followed by the submission of recommendations on the acceptance of tenders.
  • Examining and reporting on tenders, including financial comparisons with the budget.
  • Preparing schedules for predicted cashflows.

Construction stage services

During the construction stage, our services include the administration and co-ordination of the execution of the works, including the following:

  • Ensuring that all requirements of the contract have been met.
  • Checking of contractors submissions for conformity with design requirements.
  • Establishing whether all insurances and guarantees have been effected.
  • The issuing of instructions and variation orders to contractors.
  • The implementation of a quality surveillance and auditing programme at a level to be agreed upon.
  • Issuing certificates for payment of contractors and the submission of regular reports regarding project finances.
  • Deciding on disputes or differences that may arise between the Client and contractor.
  • The assessment of claims and disagreements.
  • Co-ordinating inspections and handovers, ensuring that commissioning is properly undertaken and obtaining test certificates, as-built drawings, maintenance manuals and guarantees.
  • Services related to mediation, arbitration and litigation.